This wallet can safely store both Bitcoins and dollar bills

Think of it as an e-wallet .
Image: slimtech

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The cryptocurrency craze continues to rage on despite its boom-and-bust nature. And why not? They’re great investments, they’re not connected to any banks, and they can now finally be used at a handful of places to purchase non-criminal goods.

But due to their futuristic digital government, there isn’t a great style to safely store all your cryptocurrencies with all of your other means of fund.

The slimTECH Cryptolite Cold Storage Wallet( on sale for $89.99) is a minimalist wallet that would allow us to store all of your cryptocurrencies in the same place as your one dollar bill and bank card thanks to some clever engineering. It has an NFC-embedded chip that receives all of your cryptocurrencies via a public key and 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum that continues all of your credit card information safe from theft.

The wallet likewise comprises up to 12 cards and is precision-machined with hand-sanded boundaries and hand-bonded plates. We live in a hybrid physical/ digital age, and this wallet will induce you feel like you’re living and breathing in a sci-fi cinema.

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